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Club Repeaters

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Club Repeaters

The club repeaters are "open" repeaters. They can be used at any time by licensed amateur radio operators, EXCEPT when there is a scheduled net. During a scheduled net, the net control operator is in charge and control of the repeaters.

TX and RX represent the transmit and receive of your radio.

The STATUS of each repeater is displayed. Online=Normal Operation. Offline=Repeater down. Intermittent=Experiencing problems but still operating.

2 M Repeater 220 MHz Repeator 440 MHz Repeater
TX 146.475 MHz TX 222.480 MHz TX 440.900 MHz
RX 147.420 MHz RX 224.080 MHz RX 445.900 MHz
Offset .945 MHz Offset 1.60 MHz Offset 5.00 MHz
PL 107.2 PL 107.2 PL 107.2
Status: Online Status: Online Status: Digital Mode ONLY

Regularly scheduled nets:

Day Time Net Name Net Description Net Control Repeater
Monday 7:00 PM Donut Net Trivia Question and General Interest Topic KI6RRN Axel ARCEC 2M / 440Mhz


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