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Officers, Board & Miscellaneous

This page lists the current Officers and Board Members (Directors) of the club. 
There are also other miscellaneous items of interest listed.

Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon, Inc. Officers
Office Name Call Club Email
President Dave Ward KD6DW president
Vice-President Paul Thompson N7PRT vicepresident
Secretary Sue Robins AF6LJ secretary
Treasurer George Fish KJ6WWM treasurer

Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon, Inc. Board Members
Director Name Call Club Email
1 Chuck Wood WD6APP Director1
2 Director2
3 Peter Krause KJ6VCM Director3
4 Director4
5 Director5
6 Pat Bunsold WA6MHZ Director6
Past President Pat Bunsold WA6MHZ pPresident

Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon, Inc SANDARC Delegates
Delegates Name Call Club Email
All SANDARC Delegates     SandarcAll
1 Paul Thompson N7PRT Sandarc1
2 Peter Krause KJ6VCM Sandarc2
1st-Alternate Sue Robins AF6LJ Sandarc1a
2nd-Alternate     Sandarc2a

Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon Group and Misc. Email
Group Name Club Email
Officers Only officers
Board of Directors Only bod
Board of Directors and Officers bodofc
Webmaster tootheweb
Counterpoise Editor counterpoise
All SANDARC Delegates SandarcAll

FCC and Internet Information
Club Call Sign WA6BGS
Club Call Sign Trustee AE6CQ Michael Martak
Club Contest Call WS6F
Club Contest Call Trustee WA6MHZ Pat Bunsold
Club Website



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