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Swap Meet RULES

The Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon has started a new member service called ARCEC Swap Meet. The swap meet is a place for members to buy, sell, trade, or give away ham related gear to primarily other members. Our goal is to facilitate the exchange of gear between ARCEC members. You must be a member in good standing (paid up!!) in order to post any type of ad. Any member of the public may respond to the ad. Our goal is to provide this service to better serve our members. Send your ads to
In the subject line put the words, SWAP MEET. Your ad will appear on the website and in the next issue of the Counterpoise newsletter.

There are a few simple rules and conditions that are in place to provide boundaries, and clarify the club's role in this service.
The club assumes no responsibility for any transactions.
Buyers and sellers assume full responsibility for their transactions.
Ads will appear in Counterpoise and on our website at


Must provide ad copy in plain text with the following items:

Contact information, (use discretion when providing contact information, only that information which you feel comfortable being published should be used).
A description of the product to be sold, including its condition.
The price, means of payment, and indicate if a trade for something else is an option.
While not necessary, a photo (.jpg format) of the product would be helpful to buyers.
Please proof read your ad submissions. The Counterpoise editor, and the webmaster will also read the ad, but the responsibility falls on the seller to provide an accurate ad, free of typographical errors.
Finally, let us know when your product has sold then we can pull the ad, and free up space for others, not to mention the annoyance of receiving an offer to buy something you sold three months ago.

Radio equipment, parts, manuals, tools, and related items only.
Any piece of gear that is capable of transmitting should be sold to licensed amateurs (this should go without saying).
Illegal amplifiers and related gear can be sold since owning non type-accepted radio equipment is not illegal, only its use or retail sale. These items can always be sold for parts.

Items Wanted::

Items wanted ads should follow the same guidelines as selling an item. Photos are not necessary.

Items for Trade or Give Away::

Items for Trade or Give Away should follow the same guidelines as selling an item. A photo (.jpg format) of the product would be helpful.


Information is power; do your due diligence.
The club provides the swap meet page as a free service, all transactions are between you and the seller.
ARCEC, Counterpoise, or the website will not publish “ham to ham” references, or buyer / seller reviews of any kind. The outcome of transactions will not be published with the exception of the item being sold.

This service is NOT open to the following:

- Retail businesses selling any equipment.
- Businesses who offer services such as commercial radio / tower installation, etc.
- Non-members cannot place any type of ad.
- Those who the Board of Directors deem unfit to use the service.