The club repeaters are "open" repeaters. They can be used at any time by licensed amateur radio operators, EXCEPT when there is a scheduled net. During a scheduled net, the net control operator is in charge and control of the repeaters.

2M TX 146.475 RX 147.420 Offset .945MHz PL 107.2 Status: Online - repair phase 1 of 3

1.25M TX 222.480 RX 224.080 Offset 1.60MHz PL 107.2 Status: Online 

70CM TX 440.900 RX 445.900 Offset 5.00MHz PL 107.2 Status: Online


The 2m repeater has a problem we believe is within the final amplifier circuit.  If you live close enough to Crest, you can activate and use the 2m repeater, but it is likely producing less than 1w of output power.   This means it's not very effective for most users.

The plan is to take the faulty 2m repeater off the mountain for service, and to reprogram the 70cm unit onto the 2m band until both units are functional.  Then we will put both frequencies back into service and enjoy more years of repeater use.

Scheduled Nets on the 2M -- offline until the 2m repeater is back in service

Monday 7:00pm Donut Net N6NYX  Greg   -- Trivia Question and General Interest Topic

The WA6BGS repeaters are just three of many across southern California, and we recommend exploring resources like for additional repeaters in your area.   Our repeaters have great coverage  across most of San Diego and into the eastern parts of the county, but they can't do it all.   If you are heading to our local mountains or desert, you'll need to use other systems that work in your area.